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A Study on the Problems of Mac Protocol in WSN�S

by Aiman J. Albarakati
Communications on Applied Electronics
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Volume 1 - Number 7
Year of Publication: 2015
Authors: Aiman J. Albarakati

Aiman J. Albarakati . A Study on the Problems of Mac Protocol in WSN�S. Communications on Applied Electronics. 1, 7 ( May 2015), 43-46. DOI=10.5120/cae-1617

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%0 Journal Article
%1 2023-09-04T18:38:09.924626+05:30
%A Aiman J. Albarakati
%T A Study on the Problems of Mac Protocol in WSN�S
%J Communications on Applied Electronics
%@ 2394-4714
%V 1
%N 7
%P 43-46
%D 2015
%I Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA

In recent years there has been a growing interest in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). Recent advancements in the field of sensing, computing and communications have attracted research efforts and huge investments from various quarters in the field of WSN. Also sensing networks will reveal previously unobserved phenomena. The various areas where major research activities going on in the field of WSN are deployment, localization, synchronization, data aggregation, dissemination, database querying, architecture, middleware, security, designing less power consuming devices, abstractions and higher level algorithms for sensor specific issues. In past couple of year Medium Access Control (MAC) for WSN has been an incredibly vigorous research field. An alphabet broth of MAC protocol has been endowed by sensor networks Literature/prose with nearly all of the mechanism concerning merely on energy effectiveness. A great deal of additional ground-breaking work need to be prepared at the Medium Access Control layer, however contemporary exertions are not in positions of mapping the stiff unanswered tribulations. This paper is all about an overview of Medium Access Control Protocol concerns and prospects defies.

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