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An Analysis of Progressive Applications of Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence

Aiman J. Albarakati Published in Artificial Intelligence

Communications on Applied Electronics
Year of Publication: 2015
© 2015 by CAE Journal

Aiman J Albarakati. Article: An Analysis of Progressive Applications of Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence. Communications on Applied Electronics 1(7):47-50, May 2015. Published by Foundation of Computer Science, New York, USA. BibTeX

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Since the late 1980's there have been rehabilitated research exertion out-and-out committed to neural networks (NN). The current or at hand curiosity is basically just because of the intricate and complex dilemma's tackled by artificial intelligence (A. I), and for the reason of the delving indulgent of how the brain functions work, the topical expansions in hypothetical models/prototypes, algorithms and technologies. One inspiration of NN research is the need to construct an innovative class of prevailing computers to get to the bottom of an assortment of defies that has demonstrated to be extremely complicated with conformist computers. An additional impetus is the wish for constructing cognitive models that will be able to be dish up as another way to A. I. In this research article we see the sights of the applications of NN and A. I and endow with an indication of this particular field, where the NN and A. I are independently brought into play and in addition where collectively employed and also have a glimpsed over their significant roles in different areas.


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A.I, Neural networks, Fuzzy Logics