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Digital Video Broadcasting-Return Channel via Satellite (DVB-RCS) Implementation in Ghana for Maritime and Other Mobile Communication

by Bernard Adjei-Frimpong, Kingsley Akom, George Asante
Communications on Applied Electronics
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Volume 4 - Number 4
Year of Publication: 2016
Authors: Bernard Adjei-Frimpong, Kingsley Akom, George Asante

Bernard Adjei-Frimpong, Kingsley Akom, George Asante . Digital Video Broadcasting-Return Channel via Satellite (DVB-RCS) Implementation in Ghana for Maritime and Other Mobile Communication. Communications on Applied Electronics. 4, 4 ( February 2016), 5-9. DOI=10.5120/cae2016652057

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%0 Journal Article
%1 2023-09-04T19:53:29.811096+05:30
%A Bernard Adjei-Frimpong
%A Kingsley Akom
%A George Asante
%T Digital Video Broadcasting-Return Channel via Satellite (DVB-RCS) Implementation in Ghana for Maritime and Other Mobile Communication
%J Communications on Applied Electronics
%@ 2394-4714
%V 4
%N 4
%P 5-9
%D 2016
%I Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA

This paper presents solution to developing trends in next generation satellite communication technologies which have significant implication on maritime and mobile communication systems based on specific need and significant broadband connectivity, quality delivery of service and interactivity in Ghana. Due to the narrow bandwidth of terrestrial access links and the enormous costs for increasing bandwidth in remote location and enabling IP-multicast streaming for access, a satellite overlay network using Digital Video Broadcasting Return channel service (DVB-RCS) technology will be examined and the infrastructure required for communication, navigation and surveillance selected for implementation. The satellite network will delivers live streaming of voice, data and video over IP contents simultaneously to numerous users in every remote location. An overview of the technical aspect will be implemented in order to establish quality infrastructures, allowing the services of DVB-RCS distributed via satellite. The paper also outlines DVB-RCS benefits which will be achieved in practice, based on requirements from implementing these applications in urban, rural and mobile environments including maritime solutions.

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