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Range BLU: The Ultimate Companion Robot

A. M. Abdullah Momtaz, Md. Ruhul Islam, A. S. Zaforullah Momtaz. Published in Algorithms.

Communications on Applied Electronics
Year of Publication: 2019
Publisher: Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Authors: A. M. Abdullah Momtaz, Md. Ruhul Islam, A. S. Zaforullah Momtaz

Abdullah A M Momtaz, Md. Ruhul Islam and Zaforullah A S Momtaz. Range BLU: The Ultimate Companion Robot. Communications on Applied Electronics 7(30):1-4, August 2019. BibTeX

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This research presented the design and development of an intelligent companion robot called ‘Range BLU (Orange Beloved Until) which is well-thought-out as a personal entertainment partner. This robot is equipped with advanced apparatuses and a number of cool sensors for straightforward maneuvers, environment distinguishing and responding accordingly. ‘Range BLU uses a number of communication protocols to accept the human expertise and performs a set of unfussy assistance in object handling, appliances executive, and atmosphere control. It is capable to work as entertainment partner in terms of voice, face and object recognition technology via owner’s smart phones. In this paper, it has been concentrated on developing ‘Range BLU in terms of its operations and functional activities to make a robot more humanoid with the help of human community.


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Robot, portable, Arduino, Bluetooth, speech synthesis, IoT.