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Simulation of Zhang Suen Algorithm using Feed- Forward Neural Networks

Ritika Luthra, Gulshan Goyal. Published in Networks.

Communications on Applied Electronics
Year of Publication: 2015
Publisher: Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Authors: Ritika Luthra, Gulshan Goyal

Ritika Luthra and Gulshan Goyal. Article: Simulation of Zhang Suen Algorithm using Feed- Forward Neural Networks. Communications on Applied Electronics 2(5):9-15, July 2015. Published by Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA. BibTeX

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Image Skeletonization plays a very crucial role in image processing as it has been used in various applications such as pattern recognition, fingerprint analysis, Signature verification etc. Image skeletonization process generates unit pixel width skeletons. Present paper considers feed forward neural network approach for simulation of Zhang-Suen algorithm. Network parameters are chosen based on experimentation. Values of MSE, PSNR, and Execution time are calculated for Gurumukhi characters. Performance graphs have been plotted.


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Feed-forward, MSE, Neural Networks, OCR, PSNR, Skeletonization, Zhang and Suen