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Comparative Analysis of Farrow Fractional Structure Rate Converter

Temidayo O. Otunniyi, Erastus O. Ogunti, Adedotun O. Owojori. Published in Applied Sciences.

Communications on Applied Electronics
Year of Publication: 2015
Publisher: Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Authors: Temidayo O. Otunniyi, Erastus O. Ogunti, Adedotun O. Owojori

Temidayo O Otunniyi, Erastus O Ogunti and Adedotun O Owojori. Article: Comparative Analysis of Farrow Fractional Structure Rate Converter. Communications on Applied Electronics 2(5):16-28, July 2015. Published by Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA. BibTeX

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Optimization of digital filter structure enhances its speed, reduces the filter length and filter coefficients which invariably lower the power consumption of the mobile devices. Reducing the filter operators as well as the coefficients reduces the filter redundancy. This improves the computational performance of the system in terms of memory utilization, bandwidth consumption and power usage. Farrow differential algorithm has improvement over the other existing algorithm such as farrow algorithm and differential algorithm. The algorithm was designed using Altera Digital Signal Processing tool box in MATLAB/ Simulink environment. When implemented it leads to reduction in the computational complexity, power consumption and silicon area. The decimation factor of 260 for a frequency range of 270.70 kHz was used. It also showed that a power gain of 83 dBm was observed as output for the poly-phase farrow differential algorithm compared to polyphase modified farrow with power level of 98dB and polyphase farrow algorithm with power rating of 140dB. Thus a remarkable lower power gain, lower complexity and lower power consumption in mobile system was obtained when compared to polyphase farrow polynomial algorithm and modified farrow algorithm.


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Farrow Differential algorithm, Modified Farrow, Farrow algorithm, Channelization, Multirate Digital Filter Bank, Software Defined Radio, Digital-Down Conversion