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Labview based Electrocardiograph (ECG) Patient Monitoring System for Cardiovascular Patient using WSNs

by Vijay Srivastava, Krati Varshney, Vibhav Kumar Sachan
Communications on Applied Electronics
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Volume 6 - Number 8
Year of Publication: 2017
Authors: Vijay Srivastava, Krati Varshney, Vibhav Kumar Sachan

Vijay Srivastava, Krati Varshney, Vibhav Kumar Sachan . Labview based Electrocardiograph (ECG) Patient Monitoring System for Cardiovascular Patient using WSNs. Communications on Applied Electronics. 6, 8 ( Mar 2017), 28-34. DOI=10.5120/cae2017652541

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%0 Journal Article
%1 2023-09-04T19:56:24.891234+05:30
%A Vijay Srivastava
%A Krati Varshney
%A Vibhav Kumar Sachan
%T Labview based Electrocardiograph (ECG) Patient Monitoring System for Cardiovascular Patient using WSNs
%J Communications on Applied Electronics
%@ 2394-4714
%V 6
%N 8
%P 28-34
%D 2017
%I Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA

Lab VIEW and the signal processing-related toolkits can offer a tough and efficient environment and tools for resolving ECG signal processing problem. This paper prove how to use these advance powerful tools in de noising, analyzing, and extracting ECG signals easily and usefully not only in heart illness diagnosis but also in ECG signal processing research. Data is introduced from online data bank files, as Physic bank MIT-BIH data to the applications in this equipment for analysis. The proposed method arrangements with the study and analysis of ECG signal using biomedical toolkit effectively. In the first phase, ECG signal is acquired which is then monitored by filtering the raw ECG signal to remove undesirable noises. The next phase focuses on extracting the features from the acquired signal and at last picturing and analyzing the extraction of the signal results. This paper helps to developing a Lab view based ECG patient monitoring system for cardiovascular patient using wireless sensor networks. The designed device has been divided into three parts. First part is ECG amplifier circuit, built using instrumentation amplifier followed by signal conditioning circuit with the operation amplifier Secondly, the ELVIS card is used to convert the analog signal into digital form for the further process. Furthermore, the data has been processed in Lab view where the digital filter systems have been applied to remove the noise from the developed signal. After processing, the algorithm was developed to calculate the heart rate and to study the arrhythmia condition. Finally, WSN technology has been added in our work to make device more communicative and much more cost-effective solution in telemedicine technology which has been key-problem to realize the tale diagnosis and monitoring of ECG signals. The technology also can be easily applied over already existing Internet.

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