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An X-Band based 2 X 1 Microstrip Antenna Array with Combined H and Dual U Slot Design Operating at 11 GHz Frequency

by G. Viswanadh Raviteja
Communications on Applied Electronics
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Volume 7 - Number 15
Year of Publication: 2018
Authors: G. Viswanadh Raviteja

G. Viswanadh Raviteja . An X-Band based 2 X 1 Microstrip Antenna Array with Combined H and Dual U Slot Design Operating at 11 GHz Frequency. Communications on Applied Electronics. 7, 15 ( Apr 2018), 15-20. DOI=10.5120/cae2018652763

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%0 Journal Article
%1 2023-09-04T20:02:02.966412+05:30
%A G. Viswanadh Raviteja
%T An X-Band based 2 X 1 Microstrip Antenna Array with Combined H and Dual U Slot Design Operating at 11 GHz Frequency
%J Communications on Applied Electronics
%@ 2394-4714
%V 7
%N 15
%P 15-20
%D 2018
%I Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA

In this paper, microstrip antenna array is considered. The resolution of the array is considered to be (2X1). The dimensions of the proposed antenna (width and length in ‘mm’) are taken as 8.3 mm x 5.75 mm. Also to improve the radiation properties combined H and dual U slots are cut on the antenna array elements. The theoretical calculations are done according to the considered dimension parameters using the standard patch antenna parameters, where the resonant frequency is found out to be “11 GHz”. Now the proposed antenna is simulated using HFSS software. The ground plane is considered with the dimensions 26 mm x 16 mm. The dielectric is taken to be FR4 epoxy substrate. Strip-line feeding (inset-fed) is used to feed the antenna array. The simulated results showed the proposed antenna to be working at 11.03 GHz with return loss of -31.10 dB and a VSWR of ‘1.05’. Also the results are compared with the H slot microstrip antenna array and the dual U slot microstrip antenna array. All the necessary findings are tabulated and plotted.

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microstrip patch antenna H slot U slot X band applications strip-line feeding inset feed satellite applications radar applications.