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Scaling Effectiveness in Existing Research-based Scheduling Practices in LTE-based Network

Srinivasa R. K., Hemantha Kumar A. R.. Published in Networks.

Communications on Applied Electronics
Year of Publication: 2018
Publisher: Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Authors: Srinivasa R. K., Hemantha Kumar A. R.

Srinivasa R K. and Hemantha Kumar A R.. Scaling Effectiveness in Existing Research-based Scheduling Practices in LTE-based Network. Communications on Applied Electronics 7(16):41-50, May 2018. BibTeX

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With the increasing demands of the communication performance over mobile networks, Long-Term Evolution has been observed to offer a significant contributory role by facilitating higher data transmission rates to its dynamic users. One of the core operations in the LTE-based network is scheduling which directly governs the part of communication in the presence of significant, small, medium traffic. Although there are beneficial advantages of LTE towards its catering up network demands, it too encounters some potential and unreported problems in the presence of large truck with the uncertainty of its associated load. Hence, the role of scheduling becomes most essential in this regards. This paper reviews some of the signatory work carried out in recent time and explored their contribution by measure the score of advantages as well as limitation associated with it. The paper also contributes by providing the crisp points that have been identified as the open research issues in the shape of research gap towards scheduling techniques in LTE.


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Long-Term Evolution (LTE); 4G; Scheduling; Uplink Transmission; Downlink Transmission