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Speed Control of BLDC Motor using Fuzzy: Tuned PID Controller

Jival Angeti, Adamu S. Kadalla, Gachada Dubukumah, Bitrus K. Zirata. Published in Circuits and Systems.

Communications on Applied Electronics
Year of Publication: 2019
Publisher: Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Authors: Jival Angeti, Adamu S. Kadalla, Gachada Dubukumah, Bitrus K. Zirata

Jival Angeti, Adamu S Kadalla, Gachada Dubukumah and Bitrus K Zirata. Speed Control of BLDC Motor using Fuzzy: Tuned PID Controller. Communications on Applied Electronics 7(29):6-12, June 2019. BibTeX

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Brushless DC (BLDCM) Motor is becoming more prominent and more attractive as the demand for efficiency, reliability, torque control, precise speed and ruggedness increases. BLDC Motor as the name implies they have neither brushes nor commutators, the commutation of BLDC Motor is performed with the help of Electronic circuit, and these Motors have several advantages over Brushed DC Motor which include: better torque versus speed characteristic, higher efficiency, better dynamic response due to low rotor inertia, higher speed range etc. This paper presents the execution of PID controller and Fuzzy Tuned PID controller utilizing Simulink display. Tuning the PID gains and processing utilizing conventional PID controller is troublesome and poor vigorous, it doesn't give fulfilled control characteristic when compare with Fuzzy Tuned PID controller. From the simulation results it is clearly demonstrated that Fuzzy Tuned PID controller gives better control execution when compared with conventional PID controller. MATLAB/SIMULINK environment is utilized to do the examination above.


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BLDC Motor, System Modeling, PID Controller, Fuzzy Tuned PID controller, Speed Control