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CAE solicits original research papers for the July 2023 Edition. Last date of manuscript submission is June 30, 2023.

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Number 8 (ISBN: 973-93-80892-28-2)

# Article Title
1 Design of Digital Low Pass IIR Filter using Real Coded Genetic Algorithm
Authors : Bhagyashree K. Jagtap, Mahesh S. Chavan
2 Vehicle Detection and Parameter Measurement using Smart Portable Sensor System
Authors : S.P. Jinturkar, S.J. Pawar
3 Careful Development Can Enhance LED Luminaire for Office Lighting
Authors : Abdelhalim Zekry, Sarah A. Elariane, Hoda Elsharkawy
4 A Survey on Handwritten Signature Verification Approaches
Authors : Basheer Mohamad Al-Maqaleh, Abdulbaset Mohammed Qaid Musleh
5 New Test Pattern Generators for the BIST Pseudo-Exhaustive Testing based on Coding Theory Principles
Authors : Mohamed H. El-Mahlawy, Winston Waller
6 Effect of Swastika Slot in Square Fractal Antenna
Authors : Manisha Narang, Parveen Singla, K.K. Paliwal
7 Applying Local Optimization Algorithms in Clustering Combination with Diversity Maximization
Authors : Z. Faizal Khan, Mohammed Khaleel Anwar
8 Cognitive Mechatronic Fire Extinguishing Vehicle with Obstacle Detection and Bypass
Authors : Sumanta Chatterjee, Apurba Paul, Ritaban Paul, Souvik Banerjee, Pijus Kanti Dhara