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CAE solicits original research papers for the September 2022 Edition. Last date of manuscript submission is August 31, 2022.

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Number 5 (ISBN: 973-93-80893-92-6)

# Article Title
1 Educational Entertaining Web Browser for Children using Security System Design
Authors : Jawaher A. Al-Ghamdi, Thair Al-Dala'in
2 Enhancement of Poly-crystalline Silicon Solar Cells using Nanotechnology
Authors : Darshan Bhavesh Mehta
3 A Conceptual Semi-Humanoid Wireless Robotic Lecturer for Distance Learning (DL)
Authors : Victor O. Matthews, Felix O. Olowononi, Emmanuel Adetiba, Oluyinka Oni
4 Geographic Image Classification Considering on Texture Features by GLCM
Authors : Sundos Abdul_ameer, Muna Jaffer, Israa Muhamad
5 A Hybrid Technique for Credit Card Fraud Detection
Authors : Shipra Rathore, Megha Jain
6 Miniaturized Dual Bandstop Filter using CRLH Transmission Line
Authors : Samar Refaat, Amr A. Al-Awamry, A. A. Mitkees
7 Facial Recognition using Unsupervised Mode in Artificial Neural Network by Self-Organizing Map using MATLAB
Authors : Harsha Kosta
8 FinFET Device Simulation and NAND Gate Implementation using DG FinFET
Authors : Kruti B. Modha, Bhavesh H. Soni